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Deposit minimum $10 - maximum $1,000,000
Buy $10 or more worth of ad pack 
Click on  on the upper right next to 
Click on "GET PAID NOW!" in blue button to get paid
(Make Sure You Do This Everyday So You Get Paid Everyday).

Click on Withdraw if you wish to withdraw (get paid within 24 hours) or you can use it to buy more ad pack(you can not use you ad pack balance to buy premium ad pack. you can only use it to buy regular ad pack) 

Both Premium Ad Packs and Regular Ad Packs are paid until 150% Paid up.

I recommend to buy Premium Ad Pack because the paid out is anywhere between 10%-50% daily withdraw. 

The 10% daily withdraw are paid to 150% in 14 days. 
It goes on to 38% daily withdraw in 4 days til 150% were paid. 
Than it goes to 50% daily withdraw in 3 days until 150% were paid.

In the beginning of the cycle, 10% daily withdraw on how many ad pack worth
Than goes to 50% daily withdraw at the end of the cycle. 
Than it starts all over again month after month

Remember, You have to have at least $5 to withdraw and you must have an ad pack in place to be paid(for example: if you buy $10 ad pack for the 50% daily withdraw, You get paid $5 the same day, $5 the next day and $5 for the 3rd day. You must have another premium ad pack in place to be paid for the last $5. You can wait but it's going to be there for awhile)

You can request for a withdraw the same day you buy your premium ad pack as long as you have over $5 in your ad packs wallet. You get paid the same day as you buy your ad pack because it counts as day 1.

You can withdraw by using PERFECT MONEY, BITCOIN or PAYEER

Here's my daily withdraw